Lebensraum (2018)
acousmatic- processed nightingale song

The Straight and Narrow (2018)
for Prepared Piano and live electronics
(preparations follow those for Cage's Sonatas and Interludes)


Ghost Chamber (2017)
for flute and live electronics

Contours (2017)
for symphony orchestra

(53.317357, -7.937743) (2016)
for ensemble

String Quartet No. 2 (2015)
for string quartet and live electronics

Site_N2067_0510 (2014)
for ensemble and live electronics

Collidoscape (ii) (2014)
for string quartet

324 Dots For F'loom (2014)
for improvising vocal trio and resonant percussion

Phora (i) (2013)
for solo flute and fixed media accompaniment

Ars Memoranda (2012)
for solo bassoon

Reflected Shadow Reversed (2012)
for guitar and live electronics

Common Time (2012)
for solo percussionist and electronic accompaniment

Mosaic (2011)
for viola, violoncello and double bass

Lapse (String Quartet No.1) (2010)
for string quartet

Collidoscape (i) (2010)
for improvising ensemble

Scope (2010)
for violoncello and live electronics

Three Orbits (2009)
for flute, viola and violoncello

Chronophone (2009)
for percussion ensemble

Interiors (2009)
for oboe and double bass

Tautologies and Contradictions (2009)
for viola and violoncello

Ambivalence Faculties (2009)
for solo flute

Kite Flying and Other Mishaps(2008)
for solo double bass