The Cube Of Unknowing - Burren Mount, Casette and download
Fort Evil Fruit (2016) 

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'Sound Plasma: Horatiu Radulescu's Oto-utopia', Essay, Tacet revue 4

Cascade, cassette and digital, Lamour Records

Sonic Vigil 6 (compilation), LP, farpoint recordings

Just Listening - Ireland Calling (compilation), CD,
farpoint recordings

Sonic Vigil 4 (compilation), 4x CD, farpoint
recordings / Gruenrecorder

Rediscovering Locality - A Sonology of Cork
Sound Art+, CD, farpoint recordings

Sonic Vigil V (compilation), cassette USB,
farpoint recordings

Seesound - sound and film collaborations
(compilation), DVD, Guesthouse

Garry Kasparov vs. Deep Blue, CDR and digital,
Self released / bandcamp